India, Russia seal S- 400 air defence system deal; sign 8-agreements in areas of nuclear energy, trade & industry

এই মুহূর্তে জাতীয়

Khabarindiaonline:   India and Russia today signed the contract for the supply of the S-400 Long Range Surface-to-Air Missile System to India. Both the countries inked eight agreements on nuclear energy, trade, railways, and MSME sectors.

In his press statement after the delegation level talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India and Russia have unmatchable relationship and expressed hope that it will expand further.

He said Russia has been with India in its journey of development. Mr Modi mentioned about the informal summit in Sochi and said after Putin’s current visit the relationship will go a long way.

Prime minister said both the countries are working for world peace. The Russian President in his statement said Russia is committed to provide energy to India and in June this year, the first batch of LNG shipment was sent to India and also invited Indian energy companies to expand their operations in Russia. ( Source: AIRN ).

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