100mt. Park Street Launches Exotic Durga Puja Menu

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  Satyajit Chakraborty, Khabarindiaonline, Kolkata:  Sunday, 23rd September, 2018 one of the press conference said 100mt.Park Street,The Restaurant is an initiative of Asparagus Hospitality AdministrationServices (AHAS) alumni IHM Tarstala It entices with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and authentic Indian, Chinese and Exotic Cuisine. This Durga Puja are exotic Menu have : Chaffee, Chicken Fritters, Fried Bhetki with Tartar Dip, Basanti Pulao, Mutton Khichdi, Daab Chingri, Chitol Macher Muithya, Gandharaaj Mutton, Golda Malaikurry, SmritoPayesh, Crispy Corn Chat, Egg Maggi, Crab Meat Frywith exotic Veggies, Oriental Mix seafood Rice, Smoked Shark, Octopus in Indian Gravi, Baked Rasogolla, Baked Mihidana, Baked Kalakand, Hot Gulab Jamun, Hot Brownie with Icecream and many otherrs (Details in Menu sheet). The Restaurant is open till 12.30 am to midnight.