World Champion Kevin Mayer sets new world record in Decathlon at Talence in France

এই মুহূর্তে খেলারকথা

Khabarindiaonline:    Worldchampion Kevin Mayer set a new world record in the decathlon with 9,126 pointsat the Decastar meet on Sunday at the Decastar event in Talence, France. Worldchampion and Olympic silver medalist Mayer surpassed previous holder AmericanAshton Eaton’s 9045 points recorded at the 2015 world championships in Beijing.

TheFrenchman threw a personal best of 71.90 metres in the javelin in thepenultimate event to leave him with the relatively simple task of needing tofinish inside 4 minutes 49 seconds in the 1500 metres to beat the previousrecord.

The26-year-old finished it in just outside four minutes 36 seconds, to become justthe third decathlete to surpass the mythical 9,000-point barrier. He joineddouble Olympic champion Eaton and Czech icon Roman Sebrle. ( Source: AIRN ).

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