A Milestone Speech on National Teachers’ Day

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Raghuram Rajan, Khabarindiaonline, Kolkata:    Education is one of the important pillars of the society, to make an enriched nation and  enriched civilization. From the ancient times, India proved herself as a torch-bearer in the field of Science, Medicine, Education, Philosophy, Culture and Art. India is the land, glorified with  foundation of science, by means of discovery of ‘0(zero)’ with the hand of great Indian mathematician-astronomer Aryabhatta. Not only this, India is the land of many globally accepted geniuses, even Indian brains are still very precious for rest of the worlds still now. There is an excellent statement prevailed in the society, i.e. “What India thinks today, World thinks tomorrow’; but in today’s date India is running in opposite direction with the comet’s speed and we are blindly copying others’ negative approaches as our principle. For this reason we are undergoing through a phase of gross degradation & deterioration.

On the auspicious occasion of “National Teachers’ Day”, i.e. the birth anniversary of India’s former president Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan many educationists, scientists and scholars expressed their worry and pain regarding the future of the country, i.e. future of the next generations through their ‘Dr. Radhakrishnan Memorial Lecture’ in every year. Because, it is a platform through which they can spread their words to the next generations more widely and spontaneously. “Education is not only a fundamental right of an individual, rather education is the foundation of every country”, said Prof. T.S. Krishnamoorthy in his inaugurating speech. He said, “We must feel proud that we are very fortunate to born in this land of knowledge and culture & we have to pay that gratitude to our mother land. There is a serious need for promotion regarding the basic needs of education more and more.” 

Then Dr. Sinchan Das started his lecture with a golden sentence, “Education is the medium, through which we can enriched ourselves and others; education does not mean to uttering bookish words for the purpose of examination only. We must study to learn, to perceive, not to pass on the examination only.”  He said, “Many people said that, Teachers are the backbone of the society. But my friends backbone is formed by several bony vertebral segments, intervertebral discs, ligaments and finally become functionally active with the spinal cord ans spinal nerves. These vertebral segments are our beloved students, intervertebral discs are the guardians, ligaments are interpersonal respect and spinal cord is the route of perception made by the almighty; teachers can only try to active that flow with their delivery of education. That is why teachers are made by successful humanitarian students and teachers can assemble the components in proper ways. Dr. Das said, “Children are like soil loam, careful usage of which can make an idol; but rough usage or mishandling may destroy the loam and now we are destroying them.” 

He further said, “Please don’t confined yourself within the boundaries of syllabus or curriculum, rather try to expand yourself to find out the rarest gems drowned under the deep of the ocean. Then you can feel the divine beauty of education; score automatically comes in this way. But if you read for examination only, you can score in examination but you remained as a half hearted master with faulty perception; that is not only worthless rather vulnerable also.” Another point is ‘the choice of profession’. When the profession does not accompanied with self satisfaction, peace and according to their passion they must resulting into depression, addiction, frustration, suicidal tendencies and fatigues. These are the cause of arrogance. Practicing unhealthy incidents knowingly by calling them as individual freedom is nothing but the crime with the nature consciously. It is not a matter of choice which only confined within you. The unhealthy practices are stored within our genetic and psychological level which may deranges our next generations and the nature seriously. In these cases we all have to pay for it by sacrificing our entire existence. This must be keep in mind that, Yo all are equally capable to become a genius, just need to open your receptive organs.”  At the end he concludes with his signature statementThink Healthy, Live Healthy, Behave healthy & Make Healthy.

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